Perfect house in Dunkirk

Mark and Dawn Haddon

I would like to take this time to tell you how much Dawn and I appreciate you being our Real Estate Agent during the time when our lives were in the state of transition and things were sometimes changing on a monthly basis.
It was so fortunate that we met one evening while looking at a house in Edgewater. Your thoroughness right off the bat was a spark of sunshine. We knew then that you were a professional and were willing to go the extra mile in providing us with all the proper information to help us with our house hunting.
Dawn and I were undecided on what type of house we wanted but knew some of our preferences. You seemed always ready to accept the “new plan” and start looking in that direction. Even when we had practically given up searching for land or houses, you kept us in your mind and gently sent us friendly emails letting us know you were still interested in helping us.
It was clearly your interest and persistence that finally paid off when you strongly suggested that we see a house in Dunkirk. You were instrumental in finding the perfect house for us that included some particular essentials allowing us to have Dawn’s mother move in. 
Now that time has arrived when we are all living in the house together and things are wonderful. Dolores is very happy in her new place and we get to spend a substantial amount of time with her. The pool is a perfect addition to our lives and we have had family and friends over for fun filled afternoons.
Thank you again and again for your professional talents. We never felt abandoned nor confused during the entire settlement process. This was the most rewarding adventure we have had buying a house. Please know that you and your husband are welcome anytime. When the weather is warmer next year, we would love to have you over for a visit.

— Mark and Dawn Hadden